1. Confirmation of Booking

Your booking is only confirmed when you have paid your deposit and you have received confirmation of booking email.

2. Cancellation Policy

We understand that occasionally parties need to be cancelled. We are happy to allow you to reschedule the party as long as we have availability for your new date. We can hold your deposit for 12 months. If you want to completely cancel your booking then we would charge your deposit fee.

We have never had to cancel a booking. If there was an issue with your booking from our end you would of course be refunded in full.

3. Character / Entertainer

When you pay your deposit and receive your confirmation receipt this confirms Elite Princess Parties will provide an entertainer for your child’s birthday party or event. We will send you a receipt with confirmation of your character for the chosen time and date. Very occasionally through circumstances out of our control your chosen entertainer and character may become unavailable. Our priority would be finding another princess who can play the role you have booked.

4. Child Numbers

We highly recommend not having more then 25 children at a party. We do understand, however, that the odd person might turn up that you weren’t expecting. So we will not charge any more money if you have up to 26 children. Once you have 27 or more children you will require another entertainer at your party. If you do not notify us that you have over 26 children and the entertainer finds there are more then 26 children on the day of the party, then you will be charged a fee that would be paid to the entertainer on the day.

Unfortunately they will find it extremely hard to entertainer over 26 children and the party will be severely affected. Your entertainer will struggle to keep control of the party, will struggle to be heard and you won’t have the high standards that we normally produce.

Often parents ask about siblings. If the child is over 18 months and under 9 years old then they will be classed as part of the party.

5. Joint Parties

If you would like your party to be a join party there will be an extra charge per birthday child.

6. Final Balances

Final Balances are paid in cash on the day to the entertainer.

7. Parking

Clients will need to pay for any parking for your entertainer. Please let your entertainer know where she is best parking and if there are any charges please inform her of these charges and then please give her the cash for this on day.

8. Deposits

All deposits are to be paid prior to the event with the balance paid before or on the day.